For me, Winter is the most difficult time of year to keep my skin looking and feeling healthy. My skin is prone to dehydration at the best of times and the cold, in addition to being in artificial heating most days, zaps the life right out of it!

This Winter I have found some products that have really helped and I think my skin is happier than it has ever been at this time of year.

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Here is what I have been using:

Eve Lom Cleansing Balm: This is the newest addition to my skincare routine and I love it. Cleansing balms are all the rage at the moment and I understand why. In the pot this is a soft solid which turns into an oil when you rub it between your hands. Applied to dry skin it melts your makeup right off, I use a muslin cloth and warm (not hot) water to remove this.

UPDATE: A few weeks after this post my skin decided that it didn't like Eve Lom as much as forst thought, I broke out, not in pimples, but in little red, dry patches on my cheeks, in an attempt to track down the culprit I cut this out and unfortunately this was the guilty product... The amazing girls at my local Mecca store exchanged it, no questions asked and I'm now trying something new... I'll give it a few more weeks just to make sure my skin is happy again and then no doubt it will feature in my Spring 2013 skincare routine.

Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae toner: I avoided toners for so long because they would dry out and irritate my skin but I really like this one. It smells like lavender which is nice and the antibacterial properties seem to have kept my breakouts more under control. It also doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or tight which is a must in a toner for me.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir: This is a product that has received rave reviews online and I just had to give it a try. There seems to be two schools of thought on this one, some people claim it's a miracle worker while others recognise that it's a beautiful product to use but doesn't actually do much to their skin. I think I fall within the second group. I really like the smell of it and spritzing it on makes me feel a little like I'm at a day spa! But I'm not sure if its really the game changer some people believe it is.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil: This is probably the star of my skin are routine at the moment. A few drops of this makes my skin feel moisturised and really comfortable. After I've used this my skin seems to be more even in tone and clearer, and my skin hasn't had that tight, uncomfortable feeling that I used to get during the Winter months. I have two eye creams that I quite like but I am usually too lazy to use them so I just pat this around my eye area too and I am happy with it as a little eye treatment too, I really should be more diligent with my eye cream though, I'm not getting any younger... 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Fragrance Free): This is one of the most versatile skin care products I have ever used. It's a balm consistency and seems to work on a myriad of skin sins. It is hydrating and helps if I have any dry, patchy areas and it contains salicylic acid which helps heal spots. I find that any spot treatments that dry out my skin seem to make things worse so this one that hydrates at the same time really works well for me. I also use this on my lips and cuticles, it really is an all-rounder! The only thing I would do differently when buying again is that I would buy the tube, the tub does get a little messy and the tube seems to be much more user friendly.

I hope this has been a little helpful for any of you who are struggling through Winter skin woes like I do. 

I would love to know what skincare you have been using, let me know your favourite products below so I can check them out! 

Zoe xx


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  1. Lately I've been using just spf30 and rosehip oil. My skin is combination-oily but it has a mind of its own. So I generally have to be careful of what I use

    I used to use eve lom when I lived in the UK but it's so expensive here in Australia

    xo Stephanie

  2. I am addicted to Ella Bache's Huile aux Fleurs I was using a dermalogica cleanser which was drying out my skin a bit too much before I switched to this (I got it as a free sample - score). It is amazing and keeps my skin hydrated all day. Also fabulous on the cuticles too ;)

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