I have always been a person who thrives on being busy, my mother tells me I was quite the high maintenance child at times.

Lately my attempts at multi-tasking have seen me over-committing and under-delivering, not a very desirable state. I am learning to prioritise what is important and, possibly more importantly, allowing myself some down time to rest and feel energised to commit wholly to the things I want to do and the places I want to put my time and energy.
 photo F6420338-0425-440A-8FF2-E4B6864B6216_zpsaxb3nulr.jpg I am learning to put more time into food preparation and I am enjoying it so much
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A few weeks ago when I started telling people that I was spending the long weekend camping with my family I was either met with an incredulous "Why..??" (from likeminded souls) or uproarious laughter (from my more outdoorsy friends who know that this is way outside my idea of fun). Needless to say "Zoe" and "camping" are words that have seldom been used in the same sentence. But here I am, freshly showered with clean hair, living to tell the tale.
 photo 72B5E9FC-258B-481F-BD38-A9DD921E7885_zpsf1pqjycw.jpg I headed out, with my sisters, niece and nephew and some regular camper family friends, to Cattai National Park on Thursday for our three nights away.
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