I have always been a person who thrives on being busy, my mother tells me I was quite the high maintenance child at times.

Lately my attempts at multi-tasking have seen me over-committing and under-delivering, not a very desirable state. I am learning to prioritise what is important and, possibly more importantly, allowing myself some down time to rest and feel energised to commit wholly to the things I want to do and the places I want to put my time and energy.
 photo F6420338-0425-440A-8FF2-E4B6864B6216_zpsaxb3nulr.jpg I am learning to put more time into food preparation and I am enjoying it so much
(I am a huge fan of Lola Berry's cookbook if you're on the hunt for a good one). I have bought more magazines and books in the last month than I have allowed myself in probably the previous twelve months. I am allowing myself to settle in with a cup of tea and an episode of something or a documentary at the end of the day to wind down and I am going to bed early and not feeling guilty if I haven't ticked everything off my to-do list for the day. It's difficult sometimes and I am most definitely a work in progress when it comes to mastering the art of relaxation, but I have found the benefits of learning to relax are far outweighing the pressures I put on myself to do everything right and then the guilt I used to feel if I didn't. There will always be more to do, but I think sometimes we need to give ourself a break and permission to have some down time.
 photo DC048267-A616-4F2F-8966-1A36F5F8CF1A_zpsnm0a5xyr.jpg
Do you make the time to rest and relax? Does it come naturally to you or do you need to work on it?

Zoe xx


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  1. G Porro says:

    you know what, i have been feeling exactly like that over the past week. I have so much going on at the moment and I just really need to allow myself to switch off and have some down time! I do have a 9pm rule - after that the computer and phone go off until the next morning, I make myself a chamomile and relax in bed!

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