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Last week while visiting my sister the conversation turned to money and savings, we are both mortgagees and it's nice to share things that we have found helpful in our attempts to be more money savvy. 

She mentioned she was giving "No Spend February" a go, I hadn't heard of this before but from what I can tell it originated on the Simple Savings website, and while on my little Googling adventure I discovered quite a few others have written their accounts of attempting a spend free month, some of which are quite entertaining… 

Basically the general idea is that for the month of February you only spend money on the absolute essentials; food, petrol, mortgage etc. and say no to all those little purse-draining extras that quickly add up. It sounds a little scary but I figure if I'm going to give it a go, choosing the shortest month of the year is probably my best bet! I'm also really hoping to take myself on a holiday later this year, so saving for that is nice motivation...

Tomorrow I return to work after the most relaxing, beautiful five week break so I think this is good timing for me to commit to a month of no spending. Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed many meals out and just popped down to the shops on several occasions, a venture that always leaves me with lighter pockets than when I arrived… 

I have a few commitments this month that are going to mean I may struggle sticking to the plan; a 30th Birthday, a Hen's Night and a wedding on the 1st of March, but I figure the fact that I am thinking about these things and how much they will set me back in advance is actually already a step in the right direction of being more money aware. 

So, wish me luck! I will update you at the end of February on my successes and challenges.

Do you have any money saving tips to help me in my quest to be more money aware? Are you the kind of person who likes little challenges to keep you motivated to save? If you feel like you need a little challenge to kick start your savings feel free to join me on my February adventure, we can encourage each other! 

Zoe xx

The Update of No Spend February:

I made it! I caved once to buy a top for an event I had forgotten about, and I also went out to lunch, but generally I did fairly well. I think I am the sort of person who responds well to small challenges like this. This particular one reminded me that I really don't need new "things", I have more than enough and it reminded me to be grateful for the things I have, always nice to be reminded of that.

If you attempted No Spend February let me know how you went!

Zoe xx


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  1. Good luck!!!! I always find that as soon as we say "No more spending" that's when all the good deals appear. But be strong, you can do it! Think of that holiday.

    x Jasmine

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