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Last week I turned 26. I love birthdays, not only because I get to talk to and spend time with people I care about but also because it's a time of reflection and new beginnings, my very own new year to do whatever I want with! 

Over the last twelve months I have become a home owner, earned a promotion within my job that has challenged me and helped me decide the direction I am going in. I ended a relationship that for the longest time I thought would be THE relationship. I have unexpectedly started a new one, it's very much still early days but things are going very nicely so far. I have prioritised looking after myself and am working on balance and spending more time "switched off". Some small things, others significant. What I do know is that I am excited and ready for 26. I have a good feeling about this one… 

There was no big party for me this year, just some good food and great conversation with wonderful friends and I hope that that is a reflection of what is to come for me this year. 

I hope you're all doing amazingly and are having a wonderful weekend!

Zoe xx


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  1. Happy Birthday. I hope you get everything your heart desires!

  2. I'm thinking good food, great conversation and wonderful friends is all you need for a perfect birthday. Atleast I hope so since that's what i'm aiming for for my 25th next week :)

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