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I am ashamed to say that in my almost nine years as a Canberran I have only done the Booroomba Rocks walk in Namadgi National Park twice.  It was initially Cara who told me about this little hidden gem and then Tara's post which  inspired me to check it out. This walk is beautiful, an easy to follow trail with incredible views after relatively little effort, what's not to love?

The Booroomba Rocks walk is usually around a 45 minute round trip after a 3km drive along a dirt road, but alas once we arrived to the sign telling us to go off road, the gate was locked and the road was blocked off. Puffy jackets and scarves at the ready we decided to climb the gate and walk the extra 3kms each way to get to the walking trail which made our total walking time slightly over 2 hours (including many picture stops along the way!)

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Namadgi National Park has some gorgeous walking trails and even though it is less than an hour south of the city, you feel like you are in another world entirely. This was particularly true today as the higher we got the more snow we encountered, and not just a sprinkling on the ground, it was pristine white, gorgeous powder that crunched with every step. It was like our own little Winter Wonderland out there and with every turn came even more stunning sites and breathtaking views. As the day progressed the feeling of the sun on our faces as we walked through snow was amazing and my words (or my pictures) can't do justice to the view from the top.

This walk is definitely worth the drive down south to Namadgi and I highly recommend checking it out in the Winter as well as in the more popular walking seasons, just remember to layer up!

 photo 3FA987E9-8F6C-46DA-AEE4-B2F3AAF851A7_zpsclq2yrzz.jpg Where are your favourite places to walk around Canberra? This and Mt Ainslie are probably two of my favourites, I'd love to hear any recommendations!

Zoe xx

(Note: I looked online to find out why the road to the trail was blocked off but couldn't find any info, we assumed the ice on the road has made it unsafe for cars but still ok for people- either that or this post will get me in trouble for trespassing… But the view was worth it! As always with any bush walking in remote areas with fickle phone reception, make sure you don't go alone and let people know where you are and when you are expected to return, just in case, happy walking!)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Such a gorgeous spot! And snow just makes everything more magical, doesn't it? I really need to get out and do some proper walks - this one will be at the top of my list.

  2. Beautiful photos. If I am ever out your way I would love to visit!!!

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