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Last month I stumbled across this post by my lovely friend Kate from Netherleigh blog. It is a series created by Helen from Helarious, whose blog I have recently discovered and can't stop reading, if you haven't come across it make sure you head over. This is a really nice way to reflect on what's been happening in the past month and collect your thoughts, here are mine...

My Health. Recently I had a little bit of a health scare and after a few tests and a fairly stressful wait for results I was given a clean bill of health, such a relief. Symptoms put down to stress so I'm working on that. It has reminded me that I really am so lucky to have such good health and has made me want to look after myself that little bit better to keep it!

My work. I will be the first person to admit that teaching isn't an easy job, but for me it is so rewarding. I have found recently that I have been enjoying it so much and enjoying my time in the classroom. I know teenagers don't have the best reputation but to me they are energetic, fun and quite frankly, hilarious. I am grateful that I get to spend my days helping them live the lives that they strive for.

How I want to feel. This may seem a little odd but a while ago my friend Cara recommended I read The Desire Map by Dannielle LaPorte and it has really changed my mindset about some things. Her philosophy involves deciding how you want to feel and then working towards a feeling rather than an actual goal (that we tend to beat ourselves up about if we can't achieve), I think it's so healthy and definitely keeps me motivated more than tangible goals ever has. If you're struggling with goal setting and feeling like it's a bit hard to keep up with the world and everyone else's achievements, as I was, this is a great read.

Travel. The above picture is from a trip to New Zealand I did last year with a friend, it was so beautiful and going to places like this just reminds me how much there is out there that I am yet to see and experience. That and seeing amazing travel pictures filling up my Instagram feed is enough to make me start a Pintrest board and a budget, stat!

Working with amazing colleagues. I am fortunate enough to be working with some of the most talented, motivated, inspiration people I have ever known and I have been working quite closely with one of them to look into more ways that we can work with our students and help them set goals, prioritise and develop lifelong skills, I am excited!

Family time. My nana is approaching her 80th Birthday and has decided she is going to celebrate in style! So in two weeks time my cousins and aunts and uncles from all corners of Australia are coming together to celebrate 80 years of one of the most amazing women I know, and I can't wait!

Relaxing. Last term I was acting in a higher job and being back to my normal job has been so great. It has opened up a bit more time and I am loving it. I am coming home and having time to cook some delicious food and watch The Block without trying to make to-do lists and my head and work out all of the things I ran out of time for that day, it is just bliss!

Making friends. Kate, whose post inspired this one, is a lovely blogger and earlier this month we got together (in real life!) to have some lunch and chat about life etc. It was so nice and although we had only met that day, we chatted like we had known each other for years, it's so nice to spend time with new, like minded people.

The Silkworn by Robert Galbraith. I have recently finished The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) and although it took me a little while to get in to I eventually got to the couldn't-put-it-down part and am now reading the sequel. I wouldn't say that crime is my genre of choice but I have been enjoying these and find that they help me to escape/unwind after work.

The Collective Magazine. I love this magazine, it is interesting, inspiring, it doesn't make me feel bad about myself or like I need to spend more money on anything I don't need. It makes me feel motivated to be better, work hard, and look up to people who are making a difference doing what they love. If you haven't read it, I would highly recommend picking up a copy.

Anything Aesop. They're products are so beautiful and make my house look lovely! I also love how they work for my skin which makes me justify it completely... Loving the Parsley Seed skincare range and the Resurrection Body Lotion.

Other than that I've tried to be pretty good with my spending this month, I am about to head out to find an outfit for Nana's party, so by the time this has been posted it may be a very different story…

I'd love to know what's been happening in your life, if you've jumped on the Head and Heart bandwagon, leave me a link below, I'd love to check it out! If not, let me know what you've been up to anyway, I'm always up for a chat!

Zoe xx


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  1. Yay Zoe, thanks for posting a H&H. I absolutely love how everyone that joins in seem like similar kindred spirits! I've had a few things similar on my mind that you've mentioned here, how bizarre! Aesop + JK Rowling's new crime series and the Collective mag! I was so disappointed by her other book, The Casual Vacancy that I've been a bit fearful of trying her new crime series but it seems like everyone is liking them?

  2. Jadegrrrl says:

    I enjoyed the Desire Map too, it's nice to be able to tap into what our core desired feelings are and how we can meet them in ways that are achievable and uncomplicated :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great to see that you've joined in Zoe! I'm in awe of the passion you have for your work, it really comes across in your writing and The Desire Map will definitely be going on my reading list. I really enjoyed meeting up in person too, and agree that it really did feel like catching up with an old friend :)

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