I wasn't going to write here today, I haven't for quite sometime. My intention for this space is that it is a place to share my thoughts when I want, but a place I feel no pressure to give time to if I don't want to, and certainly not a place that I feel I have a schedule to maintain. This may make me a bad blogger, but I think I'm ok with that! So this won't be a long one from me, but I do enjoy the coming of a New Year and inspiration has just struck..

I love this time of year not to make plans or resolutions, but to reflect and appreciate. And what a ride 2014 has been. It has included increased responsibilities at work, starting a new, game-changer of a relationship, scary but super exciting, adding more study, thinking up a new online project that will require a little more "scheduling" than this one has, and many hours spent dreaming of my next real estate adventure and the veggies that I want to plant in the backyard.

But more importantly than the list of things I've been up to or plans that I am making, I feel like this year has been a time of growth for me personally. I have slowed down, I've become better at saying "no", I think about what is important to me and I do my best to make it a priority. I eliminate things and people and commitments that don't add value to my life and I make decisions that are good for me. I'm still a work in progress, aren't we all? But I'm pretty happy with the way things are going right now and so the plan for 2015 is just to keep doing what I'm doing and continue to simplify and enjoy what I love.

I hope you have had a wonderful 2014, if it was everything you hoped it would be, keep doing what you're doing! If you're after a fresh start or feel like setting goals will motivate you to make the most of your life, I hope the New Year provides that for you, but just remember that we can create our fresh starts anytime we want, and if you feel like you haven't done what you wanted to be doing by the 15th of January, start again on the 16th, of if you"fail" by 3pm tomorrow, start again at 4pm! You make the rules here.

Sending you all lots of love and well wishes,
Zoe xx


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