my photo photo aa_zpsd9c2be46.jpgI am a big advocate of at-home beauty treatment and pamper routines (read about my at-home mani tips here), but sometimes, I like to let the experts take over and treat myself to something a little more special.

My local Mecca Cosmetica has fairly frequent make-up/skincare events and when I received an email inviting me to try out an Oxygen Facial, I was intrigued... I really didn't know what to expect but I had read in an interview recently that Miranda Kerr is an oxygen facial fan, and well, if it's good enough for Miranda, it's good enough for me!

So what exactly is an oxygen facial? I certainly didn't know. It started like any other facial, a thorough make up removal and cleanse, followed by something a little different. A cocktail of hyaluronic acid* and other skin-loving vitamins which are applied to the skin in a little air pressure machine, kind of like a mini version of a spray tan machine, or if anyone has had airbrushed make-up, that kind of thing. It felt amazing, it was really cooling and relaxing, but what really sold me was how my skin felt afterwards. It felt soft, smooth, hydrated and plump. I have always been cautious of "plumping" products as I had in my head that "plump" meant puffy, not so. My skin just felt full and firm, particularly around my eye area where I have started to see the dreaded fine lines of the mid-20s appear... My skin continued to feel amazing for over a week.

Depending on the treatment, sometimes a trip to the beauty salon can result in a breakout or redness for the following few days. This is not one of those treatments. This is the kind of treatment to get before a special event. Kate Somerville is the lady who made the oxygen facial famous and a favourite among celebrities, especially as a pre-event treat. I followed my treatment with a very glamorous night on the lounge with the latest season of Girls, but at least I looked great!

The service at Mecca was amazing, my last few trips there I have been particularly impressed with the sales staff. One of the things I really look for in a facialist (or any salesperson really) is that they actually listen to my concerns and questions about products I have researched, as well as offer suggestions, and I got the perfect balance. I had also recently had a reaction to the Eve Lom cleanser I mentioned in my Winter skincare routine (which I have since updated), I was sent home with two little sample pots of a cleanser which I was told might work better and was quite sternly instructed that if it worked I was to immediately bring back my Eve Lom cleanser and exchange them, which I did about a week later. Upon returning the product, which is something I always feel a little funny about, I was made to feel so comfortable and told again by the sales people that if I ever have any problems that I should always bring them back without any hesitation. The products in Mecca are on the pricier side and it is so nice to be reassured this by more than one staff member.

This service was $50 which was fully redeemable for product, I remained fairly controlled and only left with two products, believe me, I could have done a lot more damage! I left with the Radical Skincare Age-Defying Exfoliating pads which are now one of my favourite skincare products, and the Perricone MD Nourishing Moisturizer, a rich, hydrating moisturiser that can be used morning and night.

Overall, one very happy Oxygen Facial customer! The oxygen facial machine was only visiting the Canberra Mecca store before touring the country, so I am on the hunt for somewhere in Canberra I can find oxygen facials, I will definitely keep you posed.

Have you ever tried an oxygen facial? What did you think? I'd also love to hear about your favourite skin treatments so I can try them out. All in the name of "research" of course... 

Zoe xx

*Hyaluronic acid is the latest wonder skincare ingredient being raved about in the beauty world. Naturally found in the body it's what's referred to as a humectant which helps the skin absorb and retain moisture from whatever products you are using as well as your environment. A much-appreciated ingredient for someone like myself who has very dehydrated skin. 


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  1. Great post :)

    I have to keep away from Mecca as it's just too tempting. I love Kate Somerville's products. They're fantastic.

  2. Ale says:

    sounds fab! both products are supposed to be amazing, I want to try them both. :)

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