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It's safe to say that over the past few months I have been in hibernation. It's just that time of year where being snuggled up indoors is just more fun that braving the cold. Winter also coincided with me becoming a home owner which meant that walking through my front door was pretty much the highlight of my day and there were times when I would just sigh at how happy being alone in my tiny little apartment made me.

This lack of social interaction meant that I had much more time for reading and viewing some much talked about TV shows which I was very late catching on to. Girls, created by the absolutely delightful Lena Dunham, had me hooked from the beginning, I love some of the characters, I hate some of the characters, I see myself in some of the characters, more than I care to admit... I know I'm so late jumping on the bandwagon with this one, but if by chance you're even later than me, watch it! It's pretty great.

I never thought a show would make me want a character to make lots of money selling illegal drugs, but Breaking Bad managed to do it... Intriguing. It's also a very male-friendly choice if you need to make up for the fact that you have forced someone into watching hours of home renovation shows... Apparently home renovation shows aren't so fun for men..? Who knew?

Residing on my nightstand is the current Blogger Book Club book And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini, most well known for The Kite Runner. I've really enjoyed reading it and I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about at book club. We are meeting this Wednesday so I will have a full review up of that after our meeting.

I also like to have something a little lighter on the go at the same time so I borrowed A to Zoe from my very stylish friend Megan. This was a fun read, stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe has made me want to buy more accessories, invest in staple pieces and wear red lipstick more frequently, all good advice I feel. Moving house made me realise that there are so many things in my wardrobe I just don't wear so I did a massive cull and I'm on a mission to shop less frequently but with a clearer idea of what I need/want and not stray from that, I'll let you know how that goes...

As for what I've been listening to, most of you already may know that I'm a bit of a Podcast junkie so that's usually what is on my playlist, although I did have quite the bake up/sing-a-long to some vintage tunes last weekend. Is Sexual Healing not one of the best songs of all time..? Also threw in some Hanson as a tribute to my pre-teen self. Another perk of living by myself is that no one has to witness that. Anyway, on my current Podcast rotation is The Wellness Guys, an Australian podcast which makes me want to eat healthy food and go barefoot running, not enough that I've actually tried barefoot running, but you know what I mean... I also love Stuff Mom Never Told You, some interesting ones I've listened to there have been about Body Dismorphia, Fitspiration and kleptomania. And of course TED talks which are my absolute favourite, I listened to a Ted Radio Hour podcast about the violence within us yesterday, it was a little creepy, but very interesting nonetheless. 

While I enjoyed this time curled up on my lounge with a copious amounts of tea, I could not be more excited that the days are becoming longer and Spring is in sight, it's time for me to leave the apartment and join the rest of the world again! Gemma's posts have inspired me to start thinking about my Spring/Summer wardrobe and I've already been spotted sporting coral blush and bright nail colours. Do I need to calm down? Perhaps, but I'm excited!

What have you been watching/reading/listening to lately? I'd love to know, I will probably make this post a semi-regular one so I can share what I've been loving and get recommendations from you! 

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! 

Zoe xx


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  1. Megan says:

    I think I need to reread that Rachel Zoe book! You just reminded me that I havent finished the bookclub book, whoops!
    Breaking Bad and Girls are both great series, cant wait for season three of Girls.

  2. Glad to hear that Khaled Hosseini's book is good. I have not read the Kite Runner but did read A Thousand Splendid Suns which was amazing. So both the Kite Runner and the new book have been on my list!

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